About Us


Clifton Mobile Homes operates from a factory located 10 minutes from Bairnsdale. lt is a family owned business, which has a reputable name since 1982 using local tradespeople and suppliers. We aim to support local businesses within the community.

Our friendly staff can assist in planning and designing your home, right down to the fixtures and colours. Clifton Mobile Homes services a large area, in the far east to theborder and far as Melbourne. We travel to very remote locations, toservice as best we can for the individual needs.

Houses are manufactured here, then transported by truck to your location. At the location, the team re-assembles the sections of the house together and the power and plumbing are connected.

The remainder of the floor coverings are completed. Any deckings or extensions/patios/sunrooms are also attached, Homes come complete with oven, range hood, hotplate, dishwasher (if
applicable), showers, baths, vanities, basins, sinks. wash trough, and much more. Once the house is on site it’s only days to weeks
before occupancy is obtained.

Therefore causing minimal disruption to the area.

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